Kansas Jayhawks Chances At NCAA Title

The Kansas Jayhawks is a team with a big following and one that has always made its fans proud. The team’s logo tells it all; it is a winning team. Henry Maloy drew the first Jayhawks’ logo back in 1912; it was drawn with shoes on purposely to show readiness for the game.

The current smiling and well decorated Jayhawk evolved from the1912 one and was drawn by Harold Sandy, a student at Kansas University in 1947. The real spirit of overcoming the opponent seems to be part of the Jayhawks’. The chances of emerging the victors in 2016-2017 are already clear, and fans are warming up for the celebration that has become habitual.

Baseball chances

A good coach makes a good team, yes, the Kansas Jayhawks’ head coach Mr. Ritch Price in his opening statement for this season gave hope that the team was in the right position to win more games this season. He gave a report of each player specifying the contributions of all of them both the ones who are in and the ones who are out for specific reasons. The analysis of all the teams that they are going to play with was also presented from a technical point of view. Teams like Duke, Siena, UAB, and Stanford are among the top teams that Kansas Jayhawks was to meet at the start of the season.

The decision of sending 15 former players to Spring Training also adds some weight to how the team is prepared to win more games in the coming days. Among the 15 players sent to Spring Training are Wes Benjamin, Colton Murray, Jordan Piche, and Dakota Smith.

Mr. Price was also very keen in choosing who to be in the captains’ position. John Remick; a senior catcher, Matt McLaughlin; a junior shortstop, and Stephen Villines; a senior closer were appointed captains. They will be heading the 2017 campaign. All the three are first timers in the captain’s position.

The Kansas has always done things contrary to the predictions; in 2013 it finished sixth but was predicted to finish in eighth place. The same happened in 2012 when it predicted to finish ninth but got the seventh position.

Basketball chances

The stats are already clear that Kansas Jayhawks are heading to the right direction. The beginning was not a good one as they lost to Indiana 99-103 at a neutral location. The next 18 matches, however, gave them strength to work harder; they won all the games. These games were played in either home ground, away or a neutral location. The game on 01/24/2017 against W Virginia recorded a negative on the Kansas Jayhawks table, in this game they lose to W Virginia 69-85 on the away court.

The Kansas Jayhawks have so far won 25 matches losing only three. The playground does not seem to play a big part in whether they win or lose. There are still high chances of the Jayhawks carrying the day in the games against Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. Jayhawks beat the two teams in their first game.

Final Thought

The nice lineup and keen selection of who plays where are key to Kansas Jayhawks. They are on their way up with such technical preparations. The other reliable indicator of hope for Kansas Jayhawks is the positive results that they have recorded in the recently played games. The weight and worry of desperately losing to other teams are already lessened from their shoulders.

The hurdle to the big 12 title seems to be behind the Kansas Jayhawks who are now targeting the national championship. The Kansas Jayhawks have their winning formula already ironed out and what is remaining is to carry the day in the forthcoming games.

Seth Curry Might Be a Robot

Look I’m a Lakers fan.  I think Kobe Bryant is incredible and rivals Michael Jordan.  However, the things that Stephen Curry are pulling this season.

These are the highlights from his game against the Oklahoma City  Thunder last night.  He had 46 points on 12 3-point shots!  Simply put it was an unbelievable showing against one of the best teams in the league.  Don’t skip anything, but you absolutely can’t miss the end.  He hits a huge buzzer beater to win the game for the Warriors and it came from damn near half-court.

So I went digging and found more:

It starts with him making a 3/4 court 3-point shot against the Indiana Pacers.  Even the announcers thought the first quarter was coming to an end.

The second is against the Clippers.  He didn’t get the shot off to close the first half in time but he drilled once from past half court with two defenders on him just ticks after the buzzer.

Against the Rockets he did get it off in time.  The Warriors were down by 18 points to end the first half, but then he drilled a three to get them to within 15.

The fourth best shot was his 200th three for the fourth straight year, he banked another one in against the Pacers.

The last shot was one of the most disgusting beats I’ve ever seen.  It was in the playoffs last year.  Memphis was down 5 with the ball to end the third quarter.  They get fouled but there is no call with less than two seconds left.  Curry picks it up and drills a 3/4 court shot at the buzzer.  Instead of being down 3 entering the final frame the Grizzlies were down 8.  Memphis was +9 for the game and completely fell apart after that in the fourth quarter.  It was one of the most brutal bad beats I have ever personally experienced.

I don’t understand how he makes so many of these shots, but it is very impressive.


Wil’s MLB Predictions for 2016

Now that pitchers and catchers have reported it’s time to start getting excited about baseball season.  Recently the over under win totals were posted by Boyds Bets.  There were plenty of interesting numbers to say the least and since I’m in love with MLB action I figured I would take a stab at some of my favorites.

I’m a New York Yankees fan, so it pains me to see them projected below the Red Sox and Blue Jays.  The good news is that it’s not by much so if just a couple of things go our way we can easily win the division and get back to where we are supposed to be.

The St. Louis Cardinals won 100 games last year but are only projected for 87.5 in 2016.  The Pittsburgh Pirates might have won 98 in 2015, but are only supposed to get to 87 this year.

The other notables were the Chicago Cubs at 89 after winning 97 last season and the World Champion Kansas City Royals going from 95 wins a year ago to 89 now.

There are some teams that are supposed to see significant improvement in 2016.  The main ones are the Detroit Tigers.  They were a massive disappointment last year winning only 74 games.  This year the odds makers think they can get to 85.

The Miami Marlins are kind of a surprise to get better in 2016.  Last year they only notched 71 wins and they haven’t been good for awhile.  But, Vegas thinks this team is going to get close to .500 with 80.5 wins posted.

The Boston Red Sox was another team that couldn’t have made fans happy a year ago.  The 78 wins they had in 2015 didn’t deter the sports books from projecting them for 85.5 wins this year.

Who is the worst team this year?  The Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies are going to have a tough time in the NL East.  Both teams are projected for 66.5 wins or less.

The next tier of bad teams has the Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds, and Milwaukee Brewers.  Don’t expect those teams to make the playoffs.

So who will be good?  The Chicago Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series so it’s no surprise that they are one of the teams with the highest win totals.

But, the San Francisco Giants are the team with the highest win total at 90.  I don’t see any team keeping up with that pitching staff.

The New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and LA Dodgers are five more teams that will be fighting for playoff positioning.

In the American League the Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, and Boston Red Sox will be the favorites to make the postseason.  However, this side is way more competitive.

You might find the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and Cleveland Indians all have decent shots at finding themselves playing meaningful games in October.

Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament Chances

Does Kentucky have a chance in the NCAA Tournament?  This is a question I have been asking myself since the team is having a down year by their standards.  Last year might have set the bar a little high with their undefeated run up until the Final Four loss to Wisconsin.  I do think this team is improving and can scare a few teams, but I would like to see them have a nice showing in the SEC tournament.

They do have an incredible player in Tyler Ulis.  He won both SEC player of the year and defensive player of the year so you know he got it done on both ends of the court.  He really stepped up and took pride in his defense and it showed.  It’s great to see a kid get rewarded for his hard work.

Going into the SEC you have to like the fact that their 8 losses on the year came at UCLA, v Ohio State, at LSU, at Kansas, at Texas A&M, and then the two hiccups at Auburn and at Tennessee.  You have to remember that they had a target on their backs at every stop though.

That KU game really gave them some confidence that they can hang with any team in the country.  They could have easily beaten the nation’s No. 1 on their home floor, but fell apart a little bit late.

The SEC is pretty tough this season, more so than most people realize.  The Aggies will be a tough out for anyone come tournament time.  I’d like to see the Wildcats get a rematch and pull off the win before Selection Sunday and hopefully we can get a good draw in the NCAA Tournament.

I know Coach Cal has received some flack for how his teams have performed come tournament time, but this guy  has a long track record of success.  Last year’s team made the Final Four.  Should they have won it all?  Probably, but that’s still an accomplishment.

The year before we made the championship game against UConn despite being in the toughest bracket and being an 8 seed.

2013 was a down year, but in 2012 this square won it all without ever really playing a close game.  In 2011 Cal took these guys to the Final Four, and in 2010 he took a team that was in major rebuilding mode and went all the way to the Elite Eight.

Simply put, come March you can’t put anything past Cal.  He coaches his guys up during the season, they seem to improve and start gelling better as a team.  It’s not always easy starting out with a group of talented freshman who have never been anything but “the man” on their teams.  It takes time, and I’m just hoping this year’s team is the same way.

Thank you for reading.