Kentucky’s NCAA Tournament Chances

Does Kentucky have a chance in the NCAA Tournament?  This is a question I have been asking myself since the team is having a down year by their standards.  Last year might have set the bar a little high with their undefeated run up until the Final Four loss to Wisconsin.  I do think this team is improving and can scare a few teams, but I would like to see them have a nice showing in the SEC tournament.

They do have an incredible player in Tyler Ulis.  He won both SEC player of the year and defensive player of the year so you know he got it done on both ends of the court.  He really stepped up and took pride in his defense and it showed.  It’s great to see a kid get rewarded for his hard work.

Going into the SEC you have to like the fact that their 8 losses on the year came at UCLA, v Ohio State, at LSU, at Kansas, at Texas A&M, and then the two hiccups at Auburn and at Tennessee.  You have to remember that they had a target on their backs at every stop though.

That KU game really gave them some confidence that they can hang with any team in the country.  They could have easily beaten the nation’s No. 1 on their home floor, but fell apart a little bit late.

The SEC is pretty tough this season, more so than most people realize.  The Aggies will be a tough out for anyone come tournament time.  I’d like to see the Wildcats get a rematch and pull off the win before Selection Sunday and hopefully we can get a good draw in the NCAA Tournament.

I know Coach Cal has received some flack for how his teams have performed come tournament time, but this guy  has a long track record of success.  Last year’s team made the Final Four.  Should they have won it all?  Probably, but that’s still an accomplishment.

The year before we made the championship game against UConn despite being in the toughest bracket and being an 8 seed.

2013 was a down year, but in 2012 this square won it all without ever really playing a close game.  In 2011 Cal took these guys to the Final Four, and in 2010 he took a team that was in major rebuilding mode and went all the way to the Elite Eight.

Simply put, come March you can’t put anything past Cal.  He coaches his guys up during the season, they seem to improve and start gelling better as a team.  It’s not always easy starting out with a group of talented freshman who have never been anything but “the man” on their teams.  It takes time, and I’m just hoping this year’s team is the same way.

Thank you for reading.