Recommended Sites

Here are some of my favorite sites to check out each day.

New Sites

ESPN – they are the world wide leader in sports, so it makes sense to go here if you want the latest breaking news.

Yahoo Sports – they have the best fantasy system around, which I use for all of the leagues that I play in.

FlashScore – I’m into other sports like Tennis and Soccer.  This site has the most scores from around the world so I can keep updated on all of my favorite teams.

Fox Sports – since they have NFL coverage, World Series rights, and a lot of NASCAR they make sure they are a leader in sports information. – I used to get the magazine, but now I just go to Sports Illustrated’s site to see what’s going on.  They have a lot of good long reads that are worth your time.

League Sites – this is the best league site of any of them.  They have a ton of statistical information.  Pro basketball really seems to be catering to the stat heads who love diving into the numbers, which I am one of. – The official website of the league.  I like going here on gamedays for the updated injury reports since they seem to update before anywhere else.  They also have a nice database of statistics. – baseball’s official site.  I like going here to check scores, see lineups, and just read about all things concerning the league.

Team Sites

LA Lakers – my all-time favorite team.  I have to include them here at the top of the list even if they are really struggling as of late.  I bleed Purple and Gold.

Dallas Cowboys – my favorite football team.  Strange how it seems like my favorite teams are struggling lately.  The Cowboys haven’t really been a serious Super Bowl contender since the days of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin.  I do think Tony Romo is a good quarterback, which might be the subject of an upcoming blog post =)

Alabama Football – Nick Saban and Bear Bryant.  Two of the all-time greats to ever coach in college football and both of them racked up titles for the Alabama Crimson Tide.  There isn’t another program that screams success like these guys do.

New York Yankees – Probably the most hated team in all of baseball, but man do they have an excellent history.  The problem is that they haven’t produced any home grown talent in a really long time, and some of their recent free agent deals have been total busts.

Kentucky Basketball – Has Coach Cal revolutionized the game or what?  He basically started the whole one-and-done craze and now that he is with the Wildcats he has it down to perfection.  Get the best recruits, coach them up, make sure they are drafted highly, wash, rinse, and repeat.  This team is going to be successful as long as he’s there.  That’s why he’s the highest paid coach in the nation.