Seth Curry Might Be a Robot

Look I’m a Lakers fan.  I think Kobe Bryant is incredible and rivals Michael Jordan.  However, the things that Stephen Curry are pulling this season.

These are the highlights from his game against the Oklahoma City  Thunder last night.  He had 46 points on 12 3-point shots!  Simply put it was an unbelievable showing against one of the best teams in the league.  Don’t skip anything, but you absolutely can’t miss the end.  He hits a huge buzzer beater to win the game for the Warriors and it came from damn near half-court.

So I went digging and found more:

It starts with him making a 3/4 court 3-point shot against the Indiana Pacers.  Even the announcers thought the first quarter was coming to an end.

The second is against the Clippers.  He didn’t get the shot off to close the first half in time but he drilled once from past half court with two defenders on him just ticks after the buzzer.

Against the Rockets he did get it off in time.  The Warriors were down by 18 points to end the first half, but then he drilled a three to get them to within 15.

The fourth best shot was his 200th three for the fourth straight year, he banked another one in against the Pacers.

The last shot was one of the most disgusting beats I’ve ever seen.  It was in the playoffs last year.  Memphis was down 5 with the ball to end the third quarter.  They get fouled but there is no call with less than two seconds left.  Curry picks it up and drills a 3/4 court shot at the buzzer.  Instead of being down 3 entering the final frame the Grizzlies were down 8.  Memphis was +9 for the game and completely fell apart after that in the fourth quarter.  It was one of the most brutal bad beats I have ever personally experienced.

I don’t understand how he makes so many of these shots, but it is very impressive.